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Making the Internet better place since 2014

How we work


Our consultants dive-in your business and indystry, and try to find best ways what information your customers are looking for on your website and how to deliver a great experience; what your competitors are doing and how your business can stand out in your industry.


Now we understand your goals which then set the tone for creative decisions, sales funnel development and branding decisions. Our specialists create perfect and clean unique design specifically for your company. And don`t forget about cloud based technologies we provide.


Once your website is built you need to focus on how do you get traffic and more importantly conversions? We help you to build a successful plan that caters to your business and budgetary needs.



Our skilled IT consultants will provide technology way solutions for your business objectives and problems, will show you ways to improve the structure and efficiency of IT and web systems in your organisation. Advice from skilled specialist can save a lot of time and money.


A modern corporate graphics design leads to feel comfortable user experience and creates success for the company. Our specialists create perfect and clean designs according with latest trends of style and usability.

Web Development

Transforming ideas into reality is most important part of website creation. We bring to you all functions and features of your choice to make your website ready to go.

Strategy Development

We prepare everything to find effective solutions for your business. We find best ways of integration business with web, finding most effective marketing concepts, ways of future project management and growth prospect in far distance.


Now you don’t need to hire a server administrator or maintain your own server. We take care of you by providing dedicated cloud based hosting which we maintain and support, taking that burden off your shoulders.


Our training of IT usage improve your employees performance. We can show, how to automate everyday tasks of your workers; that reduce lost time injuries and increase effectivity.


User friendly

Anything you need in one place! Simplify follow hints and use intuitive navigation. Create website or online store with few steps, and sales will follow automatically.

  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy and intuitive control panel
  • Templates usability tested by specialists
  • FREE templates available
  • All templates are mobile friendly

Your website protected by professionals

Grea Technology holds all your information in dedicated cloud servers, which we maintain, monitor and support.

  • GreaCloud is most secure system in Estonia, using most advanced protection technologies is designed to be bulletproof.
  • All security updates are FREE, and our team is always working on GreaCloud to make it more safe.
  • We use many layers of protection and safe code encryption.
  • Easy-to-use Oriented and Business Approved Security system principles.

Play with your site as you wish

GreaCloud designed to satisfy all needs, that you awaiting from cloud based content management system, no matter how large is your company.

  • You may change how people will see the same product: decorated for sale or promo actions, different merchants, different categories.
  • Easy management of categories and subcategories, pagination, etc.
  • Translations system.
  • Multi language support.
  • Depending on current language sites may have different layout.
  • Instant display of variations of the same product. You can choose options for the listings like colors, sizes, etc.

Let Google in your page

Setup product pages for relevant search queries to get more sales

  • SEO friendly HTML, we care about right semantic.
  • System automatically generates title tags, meta description, heading tags, text content and images
  • Organized URL structure, especially important for a multilingual ecommerce website
  • Keyword search
  • sitemap.xml generation and updates with changes in content

Sales goes personal

Increase conversion with automatic categorization of your customers by groups. Increase loyalty by giving different privileges to selected group of customers. Determine discounts for most loyal purchasers.

  • Easy up-sell similar products and cross-sell complementary products to improve sales.
  • Easily divide your customers into groups based on buying behavior or any other preferences.
  • Treat each customer group separately to promote sales.
  • Offer special discounts to a certain group of customers.
  • Customize not just the look of the website but also promotional emails and newsletters.
  • Emails sent to customer via the store can be customized to suit your requirements. Dynamic replacement of text can also be done.
  • Send HTML Newsletters to your customers directly from your store.

Personal access for every worker

User account control (UAC) is a feature in GreaCloud that can help you stay in control of your service by checking administrator-level permission when your workers try to make a changes that requires permissions.

  • Easy setup UAC templates for specific positions in your company.
  • Keep information private and control all everyday actions of your workers.
  • You can set access for all parts of GreaCloud control panel.
  • Check working day your crew in logs.

Your online store goes local

Point of Sale (PoS) Solutions or Retail Control system (RCS) gives you all retail point of sale features, such easily handle sales.

  • Individual configurable PoS hardware for everything you need: keyboard/touchscreen interface, barcode reader, cash drawer, receipt printer.
  • Easy staff management with individual PINs, it's never been easier to track your staff's sales and register usage.
  • Use PoS to fit your business, minimize errors, and maximize profits.
  • Easy inventory management with WCS integration.
  • Easy inventory management and demand forecasting by viewing sales trends, low stocks, and most sold products, etc.
  • Gift cards system.

All warehouse data on your screen

Warehouse Control System (WCS) allows you to be more effective and reduce warehouse management cost with real-time activities within warehouses and distribution centers. Seamless integration with your retail management system means less administration.

  • There is no need to maintain product information in multiple places: All catalog information such as item information, prices, and quantities in each warehouse, is imported directly from GreaCloud.
  • Online quantities and prices are always up-to-date.
  • Online orders can be sent automatically in local point of sale.
  • Add merchandise or update a price or an item description in your point of sale system, and your website will be updated automatically.
  • Collect statistical data on the operational performance of the system to enable operations personnel to maintain the equipment in peak performance.

Improve sales with past data

We use Google Analytics, but our servers also keeps additional data such as:

  • Top search terms in your online store.
  • Average lifetime of sale.
  • Most popular prices.
  • Most popular orders in different user groups.
  • Abandoned carts.

Based on the data, promote sales through discount coupons, bulk discounts, special discounts to new customers, etc. System allows you to demand forecasting by viewing sales trends, low stocks, and most sold products, etc.

Are you looking for digital agency?

Grea Technology is a team of website designers, developers and marketing specialists helping businesses to realize the true power of web. Established in end of 2014 as a professional web expert company, we have successfully completed wide range ecommerce projects. We are not just exceptionally good with our development but also work dedicatedly towards empowering businesses and organizations on web.

Backed by values like minimalistic design approach, perfectly back end development, strategic thinking, attention to detail we are indeed a rapidly growing on ecommerce services market. Our designers, programmers and marketologists ready to upgrade your business to the next level.

We are Mentor / Member of:

Ida-viru ettevõtluskeskus
Ida-viru ettevõtluskeskus 2013/2015
Ettevotlike Noori innustab Eesti Energia
Ettevotlike Noori innustab Eesti Energia 2014/2015
Narva Bussiness Club
Narva Bussiness Club 2013/2016

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